Honest production of clothes starts with a reliable manufacturer and in a time where quality precedes quantity we are able to offer just that, high quality clothes made in line with the client’s desires.

Our family owned atelier is based in Ukraine, a place where our heritage lies. Because Ukraine is part of us we were motivated to open an atelier there to work alongside its extremely skilled people. This gives us a chance to implement Dutch working standards in Ukraine and offer our people good working conditions and perspective.

Not only do we have a goal in Ukraine but also in the Netherlands. Since we are aware of the hardships that designers face with clothing production we want to take away those hardships with our clear communication and high quality production services. Through our services we are establishing ourselves as the manufacturer for Dutch and international brands.


As a full service cut and sew manufacturer we always listen to the requests of our clients.

Our standard offering exists of:

  • Pattern making
  • Sample making
  • Design development
  • Full production
  • Low & high quantity production
  • Packaging
  • Fabric & haberdashery consult
  • Embroidery & printing services


The core of our business is to translate ideas of our clients into high quality goods.  We work through communication so that we fully understand and meet our partner’s wishes.  The wide range of services we offer enables us to support the client with their creative process.

As a business we have the responsibility to ensure social well-being of our staff.  We carefully select our seamstresses and tailors and offer them quality in terms of perspective and purpose.  Because we carefully select our staff we can guarantee the quality of all final products.


Looking for a flexible manufacturer partner, or interested in our consulting services?

Please send us a mail at info@hollandsewinghouse.com 

We look forward to reviewing your inquiry.

Tel.: Co managing director in Netherland +31 6 33830497
Tel.: Production manager in Ukraine 
+38 063 4317017